Children with ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), Aspergers, Autism and other developmental and spectrum disorders experience the world a little differently than those without. Common daily tasks such as focusing, listening, filtering out distractions, can effect academic and social performance. Parents struggle with ways to confront these issues and help their child become successful in school and with peer relationships. Neurofeedback and helpful parenting strategies are useful in turning the tide on these and other difficult behaviors.

When you bring your child in for treatment you can expect a full neurological/developmental history. Through this thorough assessment, we are able to decide the best treatment approach to help your child. I find, for the most part, that children have difficulty expressing their pain and frustration and turn to acting out in ways that bring negative attention to themselves. We approach this by helping them identify and articulate their struggles and guide them toward more positive and successful behaviors. I also work closely with parents and children to work out strategies for more successful parent/child interactions.


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