Common Questions

Is therapy right for me?
Making the decision to begin therapy can be a daunting and sometimes overwhelming experience. We decide to pursue therapy because we are struggling with one or a number of life issues or are negotiating some of life’s transitions. Speaking with a therapist is a productive way to work through these problems and find the understanding and support that family and friends are unable to provide. Therapy is right for anyone who would like to resolve issues with depression, anxiety, relational conflict, grief, stress management, self-awareness, self-esteem, or would like a personal growth experience and to improve their peak performance.

What can I expect from a session?
Sessions are typically 50 minutes long and vary according to the individual and their specific goals. Weekly sessions are scheduled to maintain a therapeutic process and structure. Sessions can be longer or occur more often depending on the nature of the issues being addressed. You can expect your session with the therapist to be an interactive process and are encouraged to actively process what has been discussed between sessions to integrate changes in your life.

What benefits can I expect from working with a therapist?
Working with a therapist can provide insight, acceptance and a self-knowledge that can’t be achieved on your own or with family or friends. A therapist can provide a professional understanding and perspective to your problems and guide you in finding and implementing solutions. A therapist provides a mirror for you to promote personal development and understanding. It can be very helpful to have someone who truly listens to you and is accepting of whatever you have to say. There are also unconscious processes that a therapist will help bring into conscious awareness and therefore make them available to work on.

Insurance Coverage

To find if services are covered by your insurance provider, it may be necessary for you to contact your insurance company and ask what you psychotherapy benefits are and if you are covered by an out of network provider. Dr. Kobel will make every effort necessary to provide information to your insurance company necessary for reimbursement of services.