Benefits of Therapy for Parents and Children

Written by: Kristin Reinsberg, MS, LMFT

Therapy provides a safe, empathic, accepting space for parents and children. A therapist can offer support, guidance, and referrals to other professionals. For many people, having a trusted person to talk with on a regular basis makes a significant difference as we navigate the daily challenges and stressors of our lives. Feeling accepted and understood is beneficial for all of us – children and adults alike. At its most basic level, therapy attempts to provide the experience of being completely heard, understood, and accepted.

More specifically, you and your child may benefit from therapy in the following ways (please note that not all will apply): 

  • Improvement in your relationship with your infant or young child.
  • Improvement and/or enhancement of your ability to understand and respond to your infant’s or young child’s cues in sensitive and effective ways.
  • Reduction in the frequency or intensity of your child’s troublesome and/or harmful behaviors and the development of concrete ways to support your child at home and at school.
  • The development of effective ways to communicate and maintain close, healthy relationships within the family.
  • An increase in your ability to provide a secure, safe environment.
  • Reduction in parental stress and an increase in a parent’s sense of self-efficacy and confidence in managing and responding to the child’s needs.